Terms & amp; Bedingungen

Long Distance Sales Contract

1.1. This Contract specifies the rights and liabilities of the Parties under the Consumer Protection Law and Code of Practice Regulation on Long Distance Sales concerning the purchase of Buyer any product and service through www.greyder.com website  (hereinafter to be referred as “Web Side”) being operated by the Seller and delivery to the Buyer’s address. Detailed information about Buyer and Seller is provided below.     

1.2. Buyer declares and agrees that he/she has knowledge about all the preliminary information and right of withdrawal in relation to the basic properties of goods and services subject to sales including sales price, payment mode, delivery conditions and he/she has confirmed such preliminary information in electronic media and thereafter ordered such goods and service according to the provisions of this contract. Preliminary information and invoice available in www.greyder.com payment page constitutes an integral part of this contract.



Title: Kavsan Ayakkabı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Address : Halkalı Merkez Mah. Fatih Cad. No: 75 Küçükçekmece-İstanbul/ TURKEY
Telephone: +90 212 470 89 89
E-mail : onlinesatis@greyder.com 


Information about Buyer shall be provided in the payment page. 



​2.1.This contract shall be executed between the parties when the Buyer completes his/her online order which a contract copy shall be forwarded to the email address of Buyer.  



3.1. Details of the products including taxes, cash sales prices and item information concerning the purchase are provided prior to payment by Buyer. All the products and services specified in the payment page hereinafter shall be referred as “Product”.     



4.1. The Product is delivered to the delivery address provided by the Buyer or person/firm whom the buyer specifies with a secured package within latest 30 days or a later date in unavoidable circumstances.  

In case the product is to be delivered to a person/firm other than the Buyer, the Seller may not be held responsible from any delivery rejected by other persons/firms. 

4.3. Buyer is responsible to inspect the Product and in case he/she notices any nonconformity resulting from the shipment and he/she shall reject the product and have this condition reported by the cargo company officer. Otherwise the Seller shall not assume any liability.   



5.1. Buyer agrees, declares and undertakes to confirm the information relating to relevant interest and default rates from his/her bank concerning the forward sales transaction applicable under the credit card agreement between the bank and buyer as forward sales may only be made by bank credit card under the applicable legislation provisions. The forward payment or sale on installments opportunities are provided by banks and financing institutions with instruments such as credit cards, installment cards or other instruments provided by them. Sales made under this scope where the Seller is paid in full for any purchased product shall not be deemed as an installment selling but sales for cash. In cases where it is deemed to be sale on installment in respect to the Seller, the Legal rights of the Seller is reserved (to claim default interest for the remained amount or terminate the contract in case any installment is not paid).



6.1. Buyer agrees and confirms that he/she has read and acknowledged the basic properties, sales price, payment mode and preliminary information concerning the delivery about the products viewed within the website and has knowledge about the online sales requirements in electronic media.

6.2. Prior to executing this distance contract, Buyer is deemed to fully confirm the product’s basic properties, price including tax, payment and delivery conditions by agreeing on the terms of this contract on electronic media.

6.3. Seller is responsible to deliver the product under the contract in good condition according to the ordering requirements along with the instruction for use as well as product warranty, if any. 

6.4. Seller may supply a different product which is equal in terms of quality and price to the Buyer prior to expiry of the performance liability period arising from this contract.

6.5. For delivery of the product under this contract, a signed copy of this contract should be returned to the Seller and the product price should be paid by the purchaser with the preferred payment mode. In case the product price is not paid or is cancelled in bank records for any reason, Seller is deemed to be relieved from product delivery liability.

6.7. Excluding the normal selling conditions, in case the product delivery time is delayed more than 10 days due to force majeure events (such as adverse weather conditions, earthquake, flood or fire) Seller shall notify the Buyer in accordance. In this case Buyer may cancel his/her order or require a similar product or wait until the force majeure event is ended. In case the price of the product subject to cancellation is paid the Seller shall reimburse the price amount to the buyer by 10 days of the cancellation date. In credit card transactions, such refunds are made to the credit card of the Buyer.   


7.1. Buyer has the right to reject the product or service within fourteen days by the contract date without assuming any legal or criminal liability and without showing any reason whatsoever and the


Seller accepts, declares and undertakes to receive back the product by the date withdrawal notification is received.

7.2. Buyer is required to serve a written notification to the Seller in order to use the right of withdrawal. In case such right is used, the shipment delivery receipt copy received by the Buyer or third party including the original bill and dispatch note must be returned to the Seller. The product price is refunded to the Buyer upon receipt of such documents within 7 business days. In credit card transactions, such refunds are made to the credit card of the Buyer.

7.3. in case the original invoice is not sent according to the tax legislation the VAT and other liabilities are not reimbursed. The shipment cost is borne by Seller in product returns.

7.4. Buyer may not use his/her right of withdrawal in cases where the product is customized and tailor made or any additions are made according to the Buyer’s request or cannot be returned due to its nature or potentially expires.  



8.1. When returning any product, it is required not be opened, unimpaired and untested or unused.. 



9.1. Any disputes which may arise or is connected with this Contract shall be based on the Seller records (including computer-records in magnetic medium such as audio records) shall constitute material evidence in dispute settlements. Such disputes shall be governed by Consumer Arbitration Committees until the value declared by Ministry of Industry and Trade; or in the Consumer Courts and Execution Offices located in the place of Buyer and Seller in cases where the value is over the declared amount.

9.2. Buyer declares, agrees and undertakes that he/she red all the written conditions in the order form as well as other conditions which constitute an integral part of this Contract and that he/she obtained, examined all preliminary information specified therein.   


Authorizations of Greyder.com
Greyder.com may suspend or cease to provide online services temporarily or permanently at any time.


Kavsan Ayakkabı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş shall not have any responsibilities towards the Greyder.com members or third parties arising from any temporary or permanent suspension of the system.   

Greyder.com may prevent any access of users although they enters their user name and password accurately without specifying any reason. Greyder.com owns all the intellectual and property rights in relation to its own production and/or purchased from other parties involving any information, document, software, design, graphic etc. Greyder.com sales are limited with the company inventory. Greyder.com may not deliver the stock-out products and cancel the order and refund the order price to the customer’s account.    


Product display in virtual store does not mean that they are available in the Greyder.com store or stocks. 


Information, document, software, design graphic etc. which are uploaded to the system or produced by the own will of the members to be featured on the system may not be used without permission.


Greyder.com has the exclusive power to change the product property information or sales price. In case of any product property faults or sales price information faults resulting from Greyder.com, it may provide delivery by correcting the fault or cancel the order and refund the order amount to the customer’s account


Greyder.com, may allow its members’ transition to other websites. In this case Greyder.com is not responsible from the contents of such websites.  


Kavsan Ayakkabı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. may change any application or articles of this contract or add new articles to the existing ones. Greyder.com may convert its non-membership services to membership services or add new services or change them partly or wholly or bring them to paid services within the course of time .


Kavsan Ayakkabı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. may send e-bulletin and SMS to its customers who completed their membership process. Members may at any time unsubscribe from receiving such e-bulletins and SMS. In this case they should notify Kavsan Ayakkabı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. about such request, otherwise the forwarded messages are deemed to be accepted

Will I pay for shipment services?


You shall never pay any cargo expense for your shopping processes in Greyder.com. Your order is shipped free of charge to your address without considering the volume, weight and amount within the borders of Turkey. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you may change your order by returning it free of charge.


When is my product dispatched?

In Greyder.com your order is delivered within average 7 business days after you place your order. As the delivery date is calculated through business days, such terms do not include weekends and official holidays. Your order shall be delivered in maximum 1-3 business days to UPS as insured. Our transportation term to a location within the borders of Turkey is latest 15 business days.


How can I track my shipment?

You shall be notified about your shipment by e-mail. Furthermore, you can view the cargo movement details after signing in to “my account” page from your current order list.


How can I return a purchased product?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your shopping from Greyder.com, you can replace the product or demand refunding within 15 days following the delivery of the product and return it free of charge. In order to benefit from this service, the product should not be used. Return of such products which do not comply with the conditions are not accepted.

You can easily return any unsatisfied product to Greyder.com by filling in the return form which is available in the bottom part of your invoice and dispatch the product free of charge with UPS Cargo (with 6110 EX Code) to Atatürk Bulvarı No.112 (2. Bodrum) 34303 Başakşehir-Istanbul address. You can have the product subject to return to be taken delivery from your door without making any extra payment. This service only applies to the areas where UPS operates. When the returned product is received by us, it is evaluated by related officers and you are notified after you are refunded.



What are the returning conditions?

You can return your product within 15 days of receipt.


The product you want to return must remain in its original package, with unused and in resalable condition.

You must send the returnable product by filling in the bottom form available on the invoice and specify “Claim for Return” on the form and dispatch the product with the original invoice and the form to   Atatürk Bulvarı No:112 - (2. Bodrum)  34303 Başakşehir – İstanbul address.


Only the resalable product may be returned to Greyder.com. in case you specify the returning reason on the form or claim for replacement, the product price is refunded to your account.


When your shipment is delivered to our address, it is evaluated by our returning department. Your cancelled order’s amount is refunded to your credit card within seven business days.  


Reflection of such transfer to your Bank statement may vary depending on your bank.

Product returning address: Atatürk Bulvarı No:112 - (2. Bodrum)  34303 Başakşehir – İstanbul


Returning Procedure

Step 1: fil-in the returning form


Fill in the ‘Returning Claim Form’ provided in the bottom of your invoice. Clearly specify that you claim for refunding.


In case the invoice of the product is an institutional invoice, for returning process, you should send the product with the return invoice which is issued by the institution as “Product Unit Price+VAT” without the inclusion of shipment rate. Order returns cannot be completed unless such return invoice is not issued on behalf of the institution.

Return may only be accepted by the product buyers.


Step 2: Place the product to its original container


Place the product to its original shoe box or package. Your return may only be accepted when the product is in good and salable condition.


Step 3: When your return is delivered to Greyder.com...

After your return package is received by Greyder.com; it inspects the returned product and refunds the amount to your credit card which you have used for payment and you shall not pay for any extra cost.


Feedback for use

In problems being experienced as a result of use, such problem is evaluated. The product which is subject to return claim for inspection is evaluated by our relevant department within between 15 to 30 business days. As a result of such evaluation an examination report is notified to you.



Purchases made via www.greyder.com may only be returned or replaced through www.greyder.com Our stores do not deal with such processes.