About Us

Having succeeded to become one of the most preferred brands of shoe fashion with 66 years of experience, Greyder makes dreams come true for those who want to follow their own way in choosing shoes.


Greyder, which prioritizes the expectations of shoe lovers in all its collections and continues its brand journey with its own style without being bound by standards; is among the respected brands in Turkey and the World thanks to its innovative store concept, eye-catching designs, stylish complementary goods and models that leave their mark on every season.


By focusing to Robustness, Quality and Dynamism, Greyder exceeds the expectations of those looking for elegance and quality with innovative solutions at its more than 380 sales points. Dedicated to the love of shoes for 66 years with its perfect production approach, Greyder introduced the concept of 'Casual Fashion' for the first time. Today, 'Casual Fashion' in an essential trend thanks to Greyder.


Greyder brings the meeting of shoes and technology to life with smartest ideas. Flexible and cool on hot summer days; shows its difference in every season with its models that do not allow water to pass through on cold winter days. With shoe models that are flexible and airy for hot summer days and water-proof for cold winter days, Greyder makes a difference in every season.


Taking solid steps forward in its international brand journey with its 100% leather products and wide production capacity, Greyder continues to add functionality to quality and comfort to elegance with its distinctive production.